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Chattanooga® I-Bresis Hybrid Iontophoresis System Controller

I-Bresis Hybrid Iontophoresis System is designed to accelerate drug delivery through hybrid iontophoresis technology. The wireless device applies direct current drives penetration by opening pathways to the skin. It powers a 3-minute skin conductivity enhancement to help break down the skin’s resistance, resulting in a 40-80 mA-min treatment in approximately 1-2 hours.
  • Hybrid iontophoresis system allows clinicians to choose the right medication and right application for every patient
  • Designed to help break down the skin’s resistance, the transdermal patch safely administers medicine for quick pain relief
  • Features built-in batteries plus dose controller activation to allow for quick and effective application
  • I-Bresis delivers the patient greater benefit from each treatment, ensuring more medication reaches the target tissue